About Time – Sabrina Claudio

First things first, since the beginning of the millennium the umbrella term that has been R&B has offered far too many sonic resemblances. Once upon time there was Usher and R. Kelly and things were slow and sexy and a finger snap was more than just a way stay in beat with a tune. Since then, the dance influence has taken over and the entire popular music industry has taken any integrity from those love songs and exploited all of our favourite R&B artists. You can literally map this decline across the genre simply tracking the career trajectory of the beloved Chris Brown (not a shot, I love Breezy but damn).

Now, About Time isn’t 8701 but there’s a stark allure about Claudio’s vocals that resemble some of the great lost qualities of good slow R&B music. The sound is low-key; her voice aching with emotion and a classy sense of ambiguity linger throughout. There’s just such an art about professing your feelings about being with someone and have it still sound beautiful.

The album exhibits more instrumental variety compared with its former Confidently Lost. She still continues to show off her most underrated ability; her lyricism. There’s a poetic way about her descriptions of love and her encounters with it that seperate her from similar artists navigating their way through the popular music charts.

The standout single, Unravel Me, is a sexy, slow, mind grabbing bedroom anthem that showcases how versatile Claudio’s voice really is. The album as entirety resembles a cool summer morning , bunked up with a lover while the bright sunrise peers through the curtains reflecting the warmth of love off of the beautiful white sheets, while time passes unknowingly.

Listen to the album on all streaming services.

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