Robots marks the second EP release since the Cole co-sign.

The duo thrive on the simplest of production but it’s their vocal presence that defines the superficial sonic pleasure. Since signing with J. Cole’s Dreamville Records they have released the EP Rags. It kicks off with the anthem Meditate detailing the plight of the African-American man in 2017’s America. Most importantly they provide a palpable energy with their unique vocals throughout. The flexibility shows with the fun hooks recurring through the entire EP.

The duo thrive off of the bane of their own voices. Apart from the occasional speaker knocking bass and strong drum lines, the beats are mellow leaving the strength of their songs to come from the bars. They won’t be setting pace for lyricists of the year but they bring much food for thought with their provoking words. The energy resembles that of an Outkast if there was six 6 stacks. Regardless, these dudes are riding their own waves and following through on an impressive roster-showing for 2017 out of Dreamville’s corner.

If there is sun out, and you have a car and you got the aux… pump that volume and enjoy. Peep the tapes on all streaming services.

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