Coming of Age – Sammie

Sammie has almost seen every single revolution of R&B since he was a rising child star signing a record deal by the age of 12. Since then he has been a prominent force in the churning of hits that have shaped how we hear 21st century R&B music.

After a decade long hiatus he returned with the release of his second studio album Indigo in 2015. Since, he released a self titled EP last year and has played each and every one of his strokes just the way the audience would expect.

These days the best R&B singers of the early millennium have faded or have elected to conform to rising popularity of dance club-bangers which feature quite an alarmingly similar resemblance to each other. Very few of these artists have survived making quality love ballads and bedroom anthems that brought the contemporary take on R&B to the forefront of popular music in the last two decades. Then there’s Sammie.

The opening track is details the 30-year old’s assessment of his life’s journey and direction up until now and for the future. The song itself features very little drums, adopting a slow rising tempo until the peak of the chorus that illustrates Sammie’s (still) exceptional vocal presence. The rest of the album channels each of R&B’s hooks and turns of the past few years, with what even seems like the token dancehall reach that just seems to be the move lately (cheers, Drake) on Bad Gal.

The album though is a great showcase of Sammie’s vocal talents that have never faded across his now long career in the music game. It’s a great project to listen to if you feel like slowing it down and belting out a couple throat testing hooks.

Peep it on Spotify here.

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