Frank Ocean covers i-D magazine, features “visual essay”

If 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 are anything to go by, 2017 has been the most public year for Frank Ocean since he brought himself into the forefront of stardom with the release of his debut, critically acclaimed album Channel Orange in 2012. He’s released multiple singles and given fans plenty to feast on with regular episodes of blonded RADIO featuring new music among other artists.

Most recently the apparently newly extroverted artist has featured on the cover of fashion and culture magazine i-D. The exclusive includes two cover photos, a visual essay for his fans and a variety of photos paired with the essay of musicians traveling with Ocean on the Blonde’s festival tour.

Frank on i-d
credit: no i-D

The essay begins with the daily choice of answering yes or no in which Ocean describes answering no as “easy” and “run of the mill”, claiming “yes is a gem”. He touches on what it means for him to be quiet and what makes him want to be more vocal and the pandemonium surrounding “camping out for Szechuan sauce outside McDonald’s” but he loves it.

frank no id mag
credit: i-D magazine

It’s interesting Frank divulging his complex to be quiet, and doing the most Frank thing ever and penning an essay using a huge spread of photographs. He might even low-key have a career after music judging by these snaps. You can check more of these photographs out and the entire essay here.

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