Mourn – Corbin

The man fka Spooky Black recruited producers D33J and Shlohmo for his latest release Mourn. In a fashion the two producers are no strangers to, the album was a dark depiction of beholder’s own experience with love and a relationship and all of is vices.

The main theme of the project is a dark one, featuring a strong presence of shallow drum tunes and background voices echoing the harsh lyrics, behind almost the shouts of Corbin forcing the stories from himself. The album starts with the first released single “ICE BOY” directed at a girlfriend of Corbin’s. It is a cynical self critical personal account of his own feelings for this girl and the integrity of their connection. Corbin almost argues with himself as to whether he is feeling these emotions or they are result of his altered state.

The album chills out on “Giving Up” which might coincidentally be the saddest song sung on the most relaxed and upbeat track.  This oxymoron is important to the delivery of Corbin’s messages in his music. These aren’t always positive stories, but they are constructed in a way that’s comfortable enough for the listener to want to enjoy and relate to, and that is perfectly executed on this track.

The project takes a turn on “Revenge Song” where Corbin divulges the story of a young girl he knows who was seemingly raped (or something close) when she was younger, who then goes on to murder her abuser with the help of the beholder. Whether it is a story directly from the experiences of Corbin’s or not, it creates a means of perspective for the listener to consider what is happening in the real life of the artist.

The project can work as a timeline of events that ultimately lead to the death (or disappearance) of the male beholder who leaves his girlfriend to indulge in her addictions without the help or support of her partner. As a climax, it offers a sad resolution but again is a cause for consideration that not all artistic depictions close with happiness.

Overall the project is one to appreciated for it’s honesty and above par production.

Listen to the album here.

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