We Think We Alone – Deem Spencer

From one of the most captivating new artists of 2017, Deem Spencer’s We Think We Alone is an impressive combination of complex lyricism and impaling honesty without regard for the reverberation of his words.

For his fans who’ve been woke to the navigation through his verses, this is nothing new. Upon first listen it might sound lazy; a monotone inflection on top of very little breaks, sometimes the message gets lost. But just listen. Deem’s lyricism is first class and is in such contrast to the popular artists of his age in the new era of hip hop.

We Think We Alone comes at a time in Deem’s life full of mourning, and while the project exhibits these themes they are almost lost in transit. He also seems to be addressing a past relationship or the journey of a current one that has seen some peaks few and far between the valleys. But for all of the negative content, the songs themselves still provide a dope sonic experience. The title speaks more of Deem’s approach to his artistry in general; looking far beyond the tangibility of the current time. He understands all of the dimensions that make up the art, and his approach to life is similar on this project.

His progression as an artist since Sunflower is seen with his variety of production and, in particular, the different vocal inflections he uses. What remains though is quite perfect lyricism. Very few artists could say they show a better relationship with the rhythm of a beat and their lyrics – right down to the syllable – that they use.

“Eve’s Titties” is the standout track from the album, where he explores times in his life where he experienced an association with death and suicide. He leaves no stone un-turned, professing every single element of his thought palette and all the things that make up a noble humble being, including being sincere af. He briefly lets his idiosyncratic over-analysis steer him into the realisation of the futility of valuing the integrity of good nature with a lover, when it’s all to easy for that to be thrown away by them (forgive the steep inference).

Regardless of the hidden meaning there are very few 20 year old’s weaving words in such a way that Deem does.

The album is one of 2017’s greatest productions, listen to it here.

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