Grow up with Devin Xo on his new EP “Coming of Age”

The young artist reflects on all the trials that come with growing up on his new EP Coming of Age. He speaks of how to effectively deal with the stresses of social interactions, being a chronic over-thinker, approaching love and dealing with the array of emotions that come with being ball of anxiety.

The tracks give a simple method to the theme of the tape, with a strong presence of horns behind the boom baps that Devin whips and weaves his way through with his solid bars. While the production is simple (though effective) the message seems more important to the intention of the project.

Devin offers his words as a helping hand for those who find themselves relating to his own experiences illustrated through the lyrics. The melodic value of the tracks then plays it’s role has the safety netting that catches the listener who might feel the sadness of their own tribulations lived through these words but the consolation of Devin’s helping hand.

It’s a tape for sad days but there’s nothing sad about how it sounds. Peep it on Spotify here.

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