Healthcare – Goss

Goss’ online presence is a quiet one, revealing very little about himself and even more so considering the age of social media we live in. So the only way into his world is through the sounds he creates for the world.

His debut EP Healthcare is a refreshing take on electronic pop, psychedelic in nature, and fully of glitchy peaks that accompany Goss’ charming vocals.

The openers on the tape offer a lot production wise, hitting the ears left, right and center almost as if nuts and bolts were crashing through a tin can, hitting notes in perfect rhythm. These same tracks take on a crescendo-type rise, starting slow, and buildingĀ  to the chorus’ where the songs hold their most notable sediments.

The alternative dance feel takes a spell on “I Want To Know?????” and “ijotwiyda” (I’m jumping out the windows in your dreams again), soothing into calm illustrations of another theme of the EP; romance. The entirety of the project is Goss communicating his feelings to a potential and then current partner. It seems each track lies in a timeline of their relationship, opening with the formation and ultimately leaving in an ambiguous fashion on the final two tracks suggesting a lack of trust on “ijotwiyda” and revealing little of his own feelings on the closing track “Waterfall”.

The strength of the EP though lies with Goss’ producing abilities, creating an original and notable sound, separating himself from the popular dance tunes that have become a common feature on popular radio.

Listen and see what you think here via Spotify or here on SoundCloud.

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