RED – Tom Tripp

The UK has been infiltrating the US radio waves for a minute now but there are very few artists close to Tom Tripp’s style of singing and songwriting. RED is the singer/producer’s debut EP and one of the most exciting releases of 2017.

Tom fell onto the scene when he released an unmixed and unmastered demo of his standout track “Aurelia” that caught the attention of R&B songstress NAO. The song itself was coincidentally inspired by one of NAO’s popular tracks “Adore You” as Tripp reveals to Wonderland Magazine. He created the beat and melody in a couple hours and slept on it; woke up, wrote the lyrics, recorded it and stashed it before 4 months passed. It was eventually then a bottle of red wine that convinced Tom to release the track to the world.

Since then his digital presence has been growing and growing, building up a brink of hype that was asking for more and more. And finally the great man answered.

RED is a collection of songs infused with electronic vibes backed by his vibrant R&B influenced vocals. The majority of the tracks a follow a crescendo into the chorus which ultimately shows off the vocal abilities of Tom’s. The most outstanding track “Aurelia” kicks off with a simple synth line and straight into Tom’ glaring vocals, testing his talent that he’s stated before he doesn’t really like it all. It then bridges into the chorus with a mellow beat and flat vocals almost muttering the hook line and crashes into the chorus illustrating the instrumental diversity of Tripp’s production.

It is an ode to Tom’s creative ability to adopt a take on dance and electronic music and make it funky, yet be able to cater to the strength of his glaring higher pitched vocals. He is able to create a raw feeling of sonic value, rather than recycling simple chord progressions that the abundance of dance artists seem to do.

He closes on a different tempered track “One Day”, that doesn’t follow the crescendo-type formula. Rather he uses a much flatter tone with his voice as an ode to a companion, expressing his self-belief in his own potential as an artist. Us too, man.

If this debut is anything to go by the industry of electronic music fused with R&B undertones is definitely Tom’s one day if he continues this run.

Check it on Spotify here.

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