The FACEtime series

We will be starting a new series of online interviews called the FACEtime series. It will feature a variety artists that inspire the idea of this blog.

For those who had at least one lesson learning to read music you’ll remember that (now I only tried to learned piano so bare with ya boy) for your right hand the easiest way to remember the notes in between the lines was using the acronym F-A-C-E. Well, this is exactly the same.

FACEtime will feature all of the sounds in between the lines. The artists making waves in between the lines and outside of the common curb.

It also gives props to the nature in which these interviews are conducted. We are based out in Australia and the majority of artists featured in this space are from across the pond (or two). So FACEtime (a nod to the 21st century social media movement) is also a reference to how all interviews are pitched, set up and conducted online, using the world of the internet.

I hope y’all enjoy the piece and would love any suggestions for artists to interview.

Oh and that is just Caleon Fox up top reminding you to stay healthy and NO SWAG.


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