deSerVe EP – Maesu

Since the turn of the millennium rappers and singers have been at a crossroad of envy with each other; singers out here rapping and rappers trying to sing. Not everyone can be Drake but there’s some blends out there worth listening to.

deSerVe is a simple production but a series of captivating melodies strung by Maesu that make it very well worth listening to. He steps on the simple drum patterns and his voice weaves and flows into whatever it needs to make that song fire.

The fall and crash of the beat on the front end of “Echidna Oceans/Svice Sversa” sets the tone for Maesu’s smooth vocals. The colourful tune of the hook then turns a corner on the back end of the track, prefaced by a soft key-chord that allows Maesu to get dreamy with his thing on a sharp synth pattern.

The up-tempo drums in “Left You” give the tape a funk feel with it’s pleasant drum pattern that can turn a real dance move inside of you. The hook is sung on a simple finger-snap type chord that leads straight back into the up-tempo beat. This track definitely stands out.

The highlight though is the bonus track “Aquimini” featuring Koyo. The beat is a masterpiece but Maesu’s melody on top is pure fire. The hook is an addictive plea to a potential partner and a hypnotic-groove one at that, giving quite a push for a song of the year nod.

Check out the EP here on Spotify or here on SoundCloud.

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