Voila – Chris LaRocca

The Ontario-native brought himself into the spotlight with the release of his debut single “Closer”. After building a following of hype with the alt-electronic hit he released his debut EP Voila mid-August.

The opening track and hit single is one of tempo that smashes into the hook with flare. The hook is an addictive riff and is sure to continue making waves, with a sense of longing and lovesickness oozing from his words.

“Roses” starts much more mellow and works into a cracking drum-line that almost rips through Chris’ ambient vocals. There’s less tempo and reasons to dance but the track holds it’s own. The mood stays somber into “One Thing” with a deep presence of hollow drums that really give props to Chris’ talented vocal abilities throughout the verses.

The tape reaches it’s sonic peak with “Trouble” with its verses backed by a charming synth-chord. The highlight of the song is the hook throughout the chorus with the type of melody that is addictive and very worthy of infiltrating the radio-waves. There’s nothing not catchy about this track.

Chris will definitely be an artist to watch out for in the coming months or even years if he can continue making authentic, beautiful, original pieces of art like Voila.

Peep the tape here on Spotify or here courtesy of SoundCloud

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