Tommy talks childhood, family and art with i-D

“and then God created Tommy”.

tommy id
credit: i-D magazine

On the same day she released the music video for her new single “Tommy”, Genesis’ cover feature for i-D magazine was also revealed to the world.

The controversial singer/rapper talks about her childhood and particularly all that her parents have given and sacrificed for her to thrive.

The sometimes off-colour lyrics professed by Genesis should give no doubts to listeners that she is a complex, smart and curious woman instilled with the great gift for artistry.

She blurbs her own lyrics as being only about “pussy and ass” bluntly explaining why her father won’t let her 14-year old sister listen to her songs. She also divulges into the sacred meaning of art and how not to let that mystery perish.

It is a great insight into the mistaken mind of the often over-indulging Tommy. Be sure to read the penned essay, photo shoot, and the exclusive freestyle for the magazine here courtesy of i-D Magazine.

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