FACEtime series – Lamalo

As an Australian it’s kind of a requisite to assume anything born or bred in your backyard is the bees knees, and if you’re not Aussie, mate, we don’t want to know ya. These boys made it just too easy to love them though.

Lamalo consists of two lads, Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun, from Sydney who met while studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2013. They are both trained classical musicians oozing with raw talent, which makes turning over hits a breeze. Their catalogue wouldn’t imply otherwise.

Recently the boys have been putting out a variety of collaborative tracks featuring talented vocalists, all woven with ‘instant hit’ bursting out of their sound waves.

Recently I had a chance to chat with the guys  following their first festival performance at the Red Deer Festival in Brisbane. We had a chance to discuss controversial Aussie terms, their fast-rising international popularity and an exclusive insight to their debut album.

Check out the convo below.

lamalo sc
credit: Lamalo SoundCloud

(ripple.) First and foremost, Parma or Parmi?
(Lamalo) Parma 100%

When did you guys meet?
We met at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music as students in 2013. We were actually in the Con Choir and also had a few theory classes together. I guess you could say that Lamalo’s first performance was Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem, singing the bass part in Latin haha. (and yes, this footage exists, peep after the interview concludes).

Did you have any major inspirations growing up?
We are both heavily inspired by J.S.Bach. Our influences are generally quite different though. I tend to listen to a lot of electronic/new age/minimalist music and Yossi loves his 70’s & 80’s Rock. But we also find common grounds like Dire Straits and a lot of jazz. Also Daft Punk is life.

You guys have performed at the MCA and Oxford Art Factory. What’s it like performing live? Are there nerves?
We absolutely love playing live. Nowadays most of our music is written with live in mind. There are definitely nerves for every performance but we thrive off and use them to our advantage. Nerves keep us on our feet!

What was it like performing at Red Deer Festival? Who were your favourite artists to meet while you were there?
Well this was our first festival. They have such a vibrant community there and we were stoked to be a part of it. MC Wheels and his crew were legends!

Lamalo performing with Kim Ven credit: Happy Mag

When you tour overseas where are the must-go stops?
North America for sure. I’ve (Mich) never been to Europe before so that could be cool as well.

You’ve had over 120,000 streams of your track “Feeling Love” on Spotify; what does that mean to you?
It means the world to us that people are actually listening to our music. Spotify is such a great platform for discovering new music and we were very fortunate for them to feature our songs on playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar which got us all those streams!

According to Spotify your greatest listening comes from the US; how humbling is it that your music is able to transcend globally like that?
Yeah we can’t believe it! According to the stats we also have a decent following in Canada (which is as big as our Australian following) and it’s really cool that our music is reaching all parts of the world.

How important are visuals and artwork to your music?
They’re very important to us.  A lot of our music is written with a certain memory or visual representation in mind and I always like associating our textural sound to an according image. I think it’s especially important now as an electronic act to incorporating visuals to the live show so we’ll be working towards that next.

What are your thoughts about a Lamalo full length project?
We’d love to do an album and actually have one in the works now which we’re very excited for.

What can fans expect from this album?
We’re currently working on a fully instrumental album called “The Planets”, and we’re planning on getting it out sometime next year.

Besides the album then, what are the goals for 2018 and beyond?
Play more festivals and maybe get some more radio play. We’d like to do a tour for our next big project as well. We’ve also been working on a quite a few collabs with some cool artists which should be out before the album.


The boys were generous enough to link me up with the footage of them performing the bass part in Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem (major props if you can spot the boys in the video). Do enjoy.

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