The oxymoron of all its elements makes Yung Heazy’s new track beautiful

In fact his catalogue is the ideal example of what makes mystery the best kind of art – knowing ‘why’ can ruin the ‘what’ – and Yung Heazy brings that to the table with his delivery.

The name is where it begins. You’d probably expect a trap star professing the come up in the hood, suffixing each line with a “yah”. Actually, the singer is a wealth of romantic tales of longing and delicate odes of love.

yung heazy girl ill take u anywhere
credit : YouTube

Which brings us to the cover art, featuring a visual representation of a devil forcing its love onto an unwise female figure of light. The track though, “Girl, I’ll Take You Anywhere” is far from a distasteful pitch of affection, instead a sweet offer of his love and openness to please his companion.

The track is a mellow combustion of soft drums and sweet delicate vocals. The hook is a simple charming melody sure to add a bit of pleasure to a lazy day for the solitary.

Peep the track here via Spotify or here on SoundCloud.


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