Yung Heazy drops random stashed EP “Semantic Satiation”

Canadian artist Yung Heazy has surprised fans releasing three-track EP he recorded in 2014. The vibe is a step sideways and forwards from his current sound, showing off his vocal range and dexterity of production.

The opening track features fast banjo chords that spark a foot-tap instinct for the listener. The second track takes a much more mellow spin, sticking with the strings but getting much more serious and dark. The closing song remains slow, almost a follow from the middle track, with the artist distorting his vocals throughout creating a psychedelic trance vibe.

The cover artwork looks like a raw take of an actual painting, with the brush marks clearly visible providing a very real texture. It appears to be a vague depiction of earth wind and fire, but the title implies that this perception may be a subject of change depending how long you look at it.

Check it out on his YouTube here.

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