FACEtime series – Maesu

Maesu is an artist on the rise, based out of LA, recently getting props from the likes of BBC Radio, Revolt TV and EARMILK.

He first burst onto the scene with the vibe-filled track “White Peach”, charmed with a bold key-chord and bouncy climatic hook. This sound has become idiosyncratic of Maesu, being able to weave his vocals into whatever production gets thrown at him. The music is drenched in originality and variety, with star-quality beaming from every turn.

He backed up his debut release with soothing bedroom ode “11fortySeVn”. Both of these singles reached beyond 100,000 streams each on Spotify and were the perfect introduction for Maesu into the industry.

As of late the Alabama-born artist has been making a wave, primed and ready for the release of his debut EP deSerVe supported by the standout single “Left You”.

Recently we had a chance to chat with Maesu to talk all things deSerVe, how he got here and his plans for the future. Check it out below.

credit: YouTube

(ripple) First of all when you were growing up which artists would you listen to?
(Maesu) Growing up I was on Kanye and Lupe Fiasco heavy. The Cool and Enemy of the State were my favorite projects.

How did you get into making music?
I seen this guy from my school posting music online back in high school. It inspired me so I linked up with him and recorded at his house after school.

I suppose it’s natural to label and categorize artists and I guess I’d call you a singer/rapper; what would you call yourself?
Me personally, I say vocalist. You never know what type of approach I’ll have on a track, anywhere from belting to murmurs or a straight forward vocals and even a spoken word vibe if the track permits. My producer Rvdical the Kid told me once about how my voice is my instrument, I see that much clearer now and that makes me lean toward vocalist over everything. Even though I do use my “rap” voice now and then a “rapper” is a label I’m steering away from.

Explain the idea behind the cover art for deSerVe
The cover was shot by Lissy Elle. It’s meant to be perceived different ways. I could be reaching for what I deserve and getting lost in the process, I could be reaching to pull you in to my mind, or I could be reaching for someone to save me. It depends on your perception really.

How important are the associated visuals with your music?
It’s completely essential to me! Its the best way to further the story/vibe of a record. When you say visuals I think about music videos and imagery, whether that be cover art or just photography. So yeah for sure it’s all very important to my music.

Is something like a full length studio album something in the works for you?
Yeah, you could say that. Right now it’s all about the deSerVe EP and SV2 later 2018, definitely saving full length for later. Stay tuned.

My favorite song off the EP by far is Aquimini – maybe because it’s what introduced me to you. Do you ever have a favorite track of yours?
My favorites change depending on the vibe honestly haha. They all had to be my favorites when I recorded them, that’s kind of my “is this a good song” test.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing?
Film for sure, short films to be exact. Going back to visuals and imagery, it’s something that is of great interest to me. It’s just another way for me to express my artistry I guess.

Do you have a dream collaboration, if you could pick ANY artist?
Me, FKA Twigs and Travis Scott all on one record!

Finally man, what’s the goals for 2018?
Be greater than 2017! We coming with a new project next year like I said before but yeah it’s all about getting better, and hopefully more on a potential full length album project, who knows.


Check out our deSerVe review here and stay tuned for more on Maesu straight from ripple!

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