Julien Baker’s “Turn Out the Lights” is the window to all the feels you never knew existed

Julien Baker is the voice you hear just before it’s time to sleep but need that constant reminder of sadness and longing before you drift into the world you wish existed. 

Her scintillating vocals haven’t dampened in the slightest since her 2015 debut Sprained Ankle. Her newest release is a reflection of all that circulates in her mind; all of the pain and the queries of her place in the world. 

The album isn’t for the faint of heart and is best listened to in a dimly lit room by oneself just between feeling satisfied verses feeling like your life until this point has been worthless. 

Seriously though, it is a great honest take on love and life full of raw emotion palpable through Baker’s voice. 

Check it out on Spotify here

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