“Scherzo”is the featured single by Lamalo

Sydney boys Lamalo are back with a double single release: “Scherzo”. After destroying the sound system at Red Deer Festival in Brisbane, it was finally time to release the studio tracks of their crowd-favourite instrumentals.


As an amusement park of soundwaves,“Scherzo” progresses from bouncy kicks through a rollercoaster guitar solo, and culminating in a gravitating final drop highlighting Lamalo’s live energy and instrumental virtuosity. “Scherzo” means “joke” in Italian, but is also a type of composition that was popular during the 19th Century, lead by composers such as Mendelssohn and Chopin, which ties into Lamalo’s roots as Classical musicians. The explicit sampling is a joke, so don’t take it so seriously.

The bonus track “Eradicate” symbolises an evolution in Lamalo’s sound from their previous works and showcases their versatility as producers. Whereas in some of their other tracks, the clear four-to-floor kick had you fist-pumping on the dance floor, the moving bass and playful guitar licks of “Eradicate” will even make The Real Slim Shady lose himself in the irresistible groove. If Hermitude and Ratatat had a sound-child it would probably sound something like “Eradicate”.

Lamalo Artist Shot_preview

These tracks are a beginning of a new instrumental approach to Lamalo’s sound and also foreshadow the upcoming album this year.

The two songs will be launched on the 5th of January at Oxford Art Factory with support from Sydney locals Mlekö and Ash Hendriks.

Peep the two tracks here:

Scherzo – 
Eradicate – 


Press shots by Hayden Buchanan

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