Finding the needles in the haystack that is SoundCloud

Until you get into the process of discovering new artists across unlimited genres you can’t quite fathom the magnitude of music that is being created every day. The accessibility and affordability of home studios has opened a whole new world for young music lovers to be able to create their own sound and the wealth of music that has resulted makes it hard to find the best quality.

We recently came across a fresh sound from 17 year old producer from Shelby, North Carolina – SoloQu – and had a chance to chat with him about his creative process.

The young producer records all of his own guitar and bass before layering it all for the finished product. Funnily enough, his greatest instrumental strength comes with the drums, a great indication of the skills he’s been able to develop.

He draws his inspiration from Kevin Abstract and the Brockhampton boys, potsu and Kanye West, and let’s the natural course of this inspiration grow and blossom into his work.

The process can begin anywhere and anytime: “I can be working and suddenly think of something and keep it on my mind”. From here he begins with the guitar and drums and begins the layering process.

A single song can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks to create; a pestering process that can test the artist’s patience. The finished product though is a culmination of ideas, emotions, talent and a purposeful intention. This is why music is art.

This is where the great wealth of creation becomes a problem for the avid music explorer. There is a lot of garbage diluting the sound waves, but it’s artists like SoloQu that purify these streams. The best way to combat this problem is study the way the artist is professing their content. Try and imagine the effort and time that has gone into their delivery – from things like their SoundCloud page presentation, all the way down to the title of their tracks and the organisation of their social media pages.

If you know any great artists that deserve the recognition for the music but are struggling to get their name out their please alert the folks of ripple.

In the mean time please make sure you check out SoloQu through his SoundCloud or his Instagram here.

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