LISTEN EXCLUSIVE Aaliyah Esprit’s new single “Energy”

LISTEN to the track here and check out the OFFICIAL VIDEO here.
Aaliyah Esprit has had an incredible 12 months. Originally from Nottingham, she has since planted foundations in both Bristol and Manchester; splitting her time between both cities. In 2017, she put together a full live band with which she supported Denai Moore. Also, now an integral part of the Cosmic Soul Collective, Aaliyah has just been announced as a pupil of the highly sought-after Future Bubblers programme, which has given us the likes of Yazmin Lacey and Skinny Pelembe amongst others in recent times.
2018 has seen jazz infiltrate all forms of music, with Ezra Collective, 22a, IAMDDB currently running things and taking it towards day time radio and beyond by bridging the gap between R&B and jazz. Aaliyah is a student of the current resurgence. Her sultry R&B tinged vocals are as much at home on an electronic backdrop as they are a more jazz based output. Fusing a lounge R&B sound with soul and trap. Energy is centered around Aaliyah’s sweltering vocals, twitchy drum patterns and shimmering synths. She conveys a raw emotion with her voice that sets her up for a huge 2018. Energy is a huge statement of intent.
Aaliyah’s talents can be further seen in her poetry work that can be viewed on her Tumblr page.


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