/rɪp(ə)l/noun/ – 1. A small wave on the surface of the water (google).

The ripples refer to the small waves in the great big blue ocean. The ocean is made of very many different waves of movement that eventually reach the people at the shore. Music is the same. The ripples are the small waves, the neglected waves, the waves ignored by the big radio surfers.

ripple aims to read between the lines and ride the small waves to bring the whole picture to the attention of the people. This is a non-discriminatory, hate-free, genre fluid, love fueled content source powered by the people for the people.

This isn’t a pro-indie, anti-corporation or bias-heavy blog; this is a tool for the like-minded to spread the word of music to as many ears as possible – to ensure every single wave of the ocean is heard when it reaches our shores.

Bless and stay wavy.